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Parts of the following text were taken from the official English website of Joalis.

The remote meditational connection to a client does not represent the procedure for detecting toxins and other problems in the body recommended by the Joalis Company.

What is detoxification

Detoxification - removing the effects of harmful organisms

We can divide the methods of work with humans and their health problems as well as methods of prevention into official scientific methods of medicine and alternative methods. Alternative methods generally fall into the field of natural medicine. We classify managed and controlled detoxification among alternative methods of natural medicine.

It is important to understand that the method of managed and controlled detoxification is a classic representative of the gestalt (holistic) approach towards the human organism. Using preparations, which combine knowledge from informational (vibrational) medicine and phytotherapy, the organism uses its own strength to eliminate the negative effects of poisons (toxins). There are many developed preparations since the number of toxins are also great and they behave differently in each organ of the human body. The strategy of using preparations is governed by traditional knowledge of Chinese medicine which forms the foundation of holistic thought in nurturing health.

Toxins and detoxification

What are toxins and how to remove them from the body

According to the method of managed and controlled detoxification, health problems are caused by various types of toxins, which are deposited in the human body by the environment, lifestyle, or due to personal metabolic processes.

The most common toxins include:

  • environmental toxins (chemical substances, toxic metals and their compounds, radioactive compounds)
  • individual food intolerances
  • metabolism disorders and metabolic toxins
  • infectious microbial lesions and their toxins
  • emotional toxins (stress, fear, aggression, feeling of guilt, experienced life trauma, etc.)
  • medications, drugs

The human body is equipped with natural defense mechanisms which eliminate toxins. These processes may be impaired by so-called toxic emotions (blocked emotional conflict, emotional deprivation, stress, and others). As a result, this leads to the accumulation of toxins in tissues and to the creation of physical and psychological ailments. These toxins must therefore be eliminated from tissues together with these blocking emotions. Using Joalis preparations, it is possible to renew the natural self-cleaning abilities of the human body and thus to return the body to health.

Managed and controlled detoxification is not a method of treatment and Joalis preparations are not medications. However, they assist the organism in renewing its self-healing ability.

How to detoxify

Clean your body

Have you decided to take your health into your own hands and begin detoxifying? Do you need advice on how to begin?

Place your hands in the care of an experienced detoxifying advisor.

  • Contact one of our accredited therapists via phone, e-mail, Skype, FB etc.
  • Physical appointment is not necessary, since our therapists are able to detect types of toxins and other disorders incl. their location in your body remotely by means of a special meditational procedure. (The therapist changes his state of mind, not you!) Detected toxins and problems are subsequently discussed with you e.g. on phone and an appropriate set of Joalis preparations is recommended.
  • A set of Joalis preparations is sent to you.
  • One treatment lasts approximately 6 weeks. After it has been completed, the therapist evaluates the effect of the detoxification and recommends the subsequent procedure. Several detoxification treatments are generally needed.
  • Detoxification requires an essential modification on one's dieting habits and an analysis of the causes of chronic stress.
  • Detoxification, under the supervision of a professional, will achieve superior results.


Method of managed and controlled detoxification

Your healthy body should make you feel on the top of the world. If not, it's out of balance. If you feel tired for no reason, if you suffer from allergies, headaches, gastrointestinal ailments, gynaecological secretions, or you are often ill; maybe your doctor thinks you are healthy even though you do not feel well, then we may help.

The method of managed and controlled detoxification has been developed over the last 25 years. It's objective is to help a body to eliminate toxins, which are common cause of physical and mental imbalances.

Toxins affect all of us, but we are all unique in our toxicity level or toxin compositions. Therefore the first step is to detect toxins and problems in the client's body. 

Unlike the rest of Joalis therapists, our therapists use a specific approach in detection of problems within your body (while other Joalis therapists use a special device called Salvia/Acucomb along with a proprietary software).

Our detection is done by means of a specific type of meditation. One of our therapist changes his state of mind and being in an altered, enhanced state of mind, he is able to detect many problems in your body remotely, also without your physical presence. Please note, that the meditation is not convetional, standardised diagnostic test for specific medical conditions or diseases. However, the detected problems of your body detected by our therapists may sometimes shock you in their accuracy. The detection is usualy able to identify nutritional deficiencies, specific toxins, toxicity level and inner imbalances specific to each client. Based on the results the therapist will recommend detoxification strategy and specific detoxification preparations. Joalis preparations are designed to help the organism to rid itself of the toxins and toxic stress which blocks the natural physiological functions of the body. The active ingredients in preparations direct the body's natural abilities to eliminate the negative effects of the toxins and restore the balance.

If you are concerned about environmental pollution, toxins, stress or diet and lifestyle, you may wish to consult one of our trained therapists.


How are Joalis preparations unique?

Joalis preparations are natural pure products manufactured through a technology that is able to store information about toxins in information carriers which are common foods. Based on the ability of recognizing this information, the body activates its immune system and the respective toxin is then eliminated using its own effort. A second component of Joalis preparations are plants and other active compounds.

Joalis preparations thus neither add any artificial chemical compound to the body, nor do they eliminate toxins themselves - they provide the body information on how to eliminate the toxin on its own using its natural self-healing abilities.

This process has a long-term character and symptoms are expected to be alleviated after approximately one month, depending on the severity of the problem and the period in which it lasts.


How many tests and detoxification treatments are required?

The number of treatments depends on the client's state of health. One treatment lasts approximately 6 weeks. After it has been completed the therapist evaluates the effect of the detoxification by another test (detection) and will advise accordingly. Some problems can be addressed over two or three treatments. In practice many clients see their detoxification advisor regularly. The human body is in constant contact with toxins from the environment and lifestyle, therefore detoxification is an on-going process. Successful detoxification often involves some modification to the individual`s diet and/or lifestyle.

Do Joalis preparations have any side effects?

Our preparations do not have any side effects. However, so-called detoxification symptoms may occur. This is a sign that the body is eliminating toxins. Detoxification symptoms are temporary and disappear by themselves within several days.

What does conventional medical science say?

Representatives of conventional medical science in Czech Republic deny any effectiveness of Joalis preparations.


Cost of one Joalis preparation (one bottle): 400 CZK

(Usually bought four bottles as one set.)

Cost of remote meditational detection 1500 CZK

Shipping costs: upon destination country and dimensions/weight of the package